About us

Allergy Warning, JAR may contain:

Basil Nikolopoulos | Chief Executive Officer

Basil is a PhD student at Harokopio Univesity of Athens. He's worked as a software developer for nearly a decade now, and has experience on multiple languages and Frameworks. He is currently pursuing his leadership instincts and leading the company while being all over the place and filling every role

Maria Voreakou | Chief of Marketing and Sales & Lead UI/UX

Maria is a graduate of Harokopio University of Athens, department of Informatics and Telematics. She loves innovation and research around IoT. Her expertise is Front End Development, as she loves art and design and her hidden talent is her ultra good organizational skills and high level management of projects!

John Bouras | Content Creator & Technical Writer

John is a master of communication arts. He's worked with major firms, before landing at Jar, including IGN and CowboyTV. His involvement in all sorts of events through his previous occupations have deemed him a powerful asset for Jar.

Theodore Dimakarakos | Chief Software and Architecture Operations

Theodore is a one of his kind, multi-purpose tool. He is the Swiss army knife asset that any company would love to have. His skills range from video editing, to sound production and field operations. You may catch a glimpse of him on our Twitch Channel.

Konstantina Skrika | Back End Developer

Konstantina studied computer science at Harokopio University of Athens. She is particularly interested in Object Oriented Programming and Back-End development of Web applications. Always eager to learn new things and expand her horizons to new technologies and experiences.

Konstantinos Papanikolaou | Back End Developer

Konstantinos is a graduate of Harokopio University of Athens department of Informatics and Telematics. Always fascinated by technology, he chose this career to be a part of it. Mainly enjoys working on the Back End side of things, but his skills are not restricted only there. He loves to express his creativity by making games as a hobbyist game developer.

Ektoras the Dog | Head of Friend of everyone

Ektoras is the member of the team everyone is fond of. He is the star of Hector Codes and also responsible for most of the noise in our #Quickiversity videos. His coding expertise and time-critical play time have made him the top star of our company!