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HELLESCC is the Hellenic Society of Crohn’s Disease’s and Ulerative Colitis’ Patients. The Society of HELLESCC needed a fully operational and useful site. The Jar team, having knowlegde of UI/UX development, created the site below ( with a lightweight appearance and a easy layout, to cater for the many users with disabilities that have difficulty when using the internet. created and developed as a donation to HELLESCC, because we believe societies like this help people find all the important information they want about their diseases from the internet.

Web version
Mobile version

What Customer Said

  • Our collaboration is very professional but hasn’t finished yet, therefore we cannot give a 5 star rating. Once the final product is delivered we’ll be able to add to your rating. Thank you.

    Alexandra Gliati

    Μέλος Δ.Σ. του Πανελλήνιου Σύλλογου ατόμων με νόσο του Crohn και Ελκώδης Κολίτιδας

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October 2014


September 2019


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